Technology opens up new possibilities that many of us never had when we were growing up. Children use technology in amazing ways to do amazing things. Using the power of the internet, children can create their own websites, music, videos, photographs and upload and share these online with friends, family or the whole world. Laptops, handheld devices such as portable music players, and games consoles and mobile phones can access the internet from any location at any time. As adults, we may not use the internet and other technologies in the same way as our children, but we do need to understand what they are doing, what the risks might be, and how we can help them to keep them safe.

The school is already working to help keep children safe online, and to teach pupils about using technology safely. However we all have a role to play, and parents can help us by:

  • Learning about the benefits and risks of using the internet and other technologies that your children use
  • Discussing e-Safety concerns with your children
  • Showing an interest in how they are using technology
  • Encouraging them to behave safely and responsibly when using technology
  • Modelling safe and responsible behaviours in your own use of technology